Jameson Kergozou is an English-born photographer and journalist based in Poland. Graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth with an Fda in Commercial Photography, Jameson gained the full Ba through Open College of Arts whilst travelling around India and living in Los Angeles. Since 2013 he has been living in Gdansk, Poland.

His work has been exhibited internationally including the AOP Student awards where he was awarded a judges choice. As a journalist he has written for magazines including The Modernist, Boneshaker and Mr. Wolf on subjects including Rickshaws, Scandinavian Design and Social Modernist Architecture.


AOP Student Awards 2010 - Judges Choice

Koppaberg Klash - Runner Up

MyStreet Film 2013 - Shortlisted

Guardian Witness Awards 2014 - Shortlisted (Short Film Category)


Mull It Over

Netherworld Photography Magazine

In The View

Stuart Pilkington's What is England

One Giant Arm